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Here’s a brief selection of things that have been on heavy rotation through the rather dark and dreary month;

Bjork – Utopia


Bjork’s’ 9th studio album is full of lust, whimsy and bird song. A pleasurable listen that draws together influences from across her career, one for a Sunday.


Dark Rooms – Distraction Sickness


If you haven’t seen the fantastic film ‘A Ghost Story’ I can’t recommend it enough. A story about time, love and moving on. ‘I get overwhelmed’ taken from ‘Distraction Sickness’ is used masterfully in the OST and I fell in love with the song straight away. The rest of the album does not reach those heady heights I’m afraid, but is worth a listen.


Kyle Eastwood – Paris Blue


“Do you feel lucky punk?” Well I did after discovering Clint Eastwood’s sons’ jazz quartet. If you like your jazz chilled, then check this one out.


Chris Thile –¬† Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau


The undisputed king of the Mandolin is back! As prolific as ever, this man does not seem to stop, weather with the astounding bluegrass prog outfit ‘The Punch Brothers’ or playing with Hip-Hop maestros ‘The Roots’ there seems to be nothing this man cannot do. Quite a chilled offering, one to snuggle up with¬† on the sofa!


I’ll try to make this a monthly post so people can keep up with our constantly evolving musical tastes